40+ Bohemian Pudding With Special Custard Recipe

40+ bohemian pudding with special custard recipe (25)

This pudding makes in a border mold, and after turning it onto a round porcelain dish from Royal Doulton, we very carefully cut away a little section from the top of each pancake to reveal the mixed fruits inside.

12 skinny, small pancakes

1 oz. butter

approximately ½ pint sweetened apple puree

special custard

2 oz. diced glace cherries

1 oz. softened, diced angelica

3 oz. sultanas


1. Make the thin pancakes precisely as explained in a recipe and spread them out over a piece of oiled greaseproof paper—butter a common border mold with given butter

2. Pour just enough warm water over the mixed crystallized fruits and sultanas to cover, never forgetting that if you could manage wine instead of water so much the better; but the choice is purely optional.

3. Make the custard, and when the fruits have soaked for 30 minutes in the water or wine, drain well and mix them with the apple puree.

Spread a little of this mixture over the center of the pancake, folding them up into small squares or quarters fan shapes. Lay these down in the border mold.

4. You will have spaces left in between so pour in the special custard until the mold is filled and then cover the top carefully with kitchen foil.

5. Place in a large, shallowish pan with enough boiling water to come halfway up the sides of the mold. Cover and allow to poach with extreme gentleness for 50 minutes.

6. Chill in refrigeration when cold and set, turn out on to a chosen dish.

Fill a little of the special custard into the central cavity, run the rest around the outside of the mold on your plate and if you want, you can take a little sharp knife and cut away small bits of bases, now tops of the pancakes so that the mixed fruits and sultanas thus disclosed.

That is purely a garnish trick but has no importance whatsoever except to the eye.

Special Custard:- That is nothing more nor less than a much thicker basic confectioners’ custard.


½ pint milk

vanilla pod whenever possible

Four separated egg yolks

1½ oz. flour

3 oz. castor sugar


1. Place flour, castor sugar, and egg yolks into a bowl and whip until very pale and foamy.

2. Heat milk to boiling point with a vanilla pod. Remove, wipe, and store pods.

3. Pour some of the boiling milk on to the egg/flour/sugar mixture and stir until smoothly blended.

4. Turn into the remaining milk, stir again, and when entirely incorporated, turn into the top of a double saucepan over hot water and stir over low heat using a wooden spoon.

Continue until the custard is very thick. Then apply, as explained in the recipe above.