Tips To Make A Beach Scene Bedroom And 20+ Beach Scene Bedroom

Tips to make a beach scene bedroom and 20+ beach scene bedroom (25)

Everybody loves the beach, especially kids and teens. So wanting to take the beach home and create a beach scene bedroom for your child is a great idea.

Creating a space that is relaxing and positive for your child or teen is a win, win situation. So, where do you start?

Beach Scene Foundation

Using paints that are sea tones for your wall colors is a very common, easy approach. You can set a foundation for the room using blues; aqua green colors with maybe a white ceiling to keep it looking clean.

You could alternate wall colors, maybe two walls in a robin’s egg blue; and two walls in an aqua green or each wall a slightly different shade of the same color.

If you were to take the blues approach; I would recommend sand or white colored trim.

Another thing to think about is, how long is your child’s room going to stay in your child’s room? If you have a teen and they will be going off to college in a few years, you will probably be painting that room again soon.

Dark colors like blues and greens are hard to cover when it comes time to repaint. You can plan on at least one coat of primer and several coats of the new paint.

Having had to do this myself many times, I can tell you that you will be painting a lot when it comes time to go to a lighter color.

What I recommend is a sand color with a white ceiling and trim

This looks real clean, is easy to paint over (if you even need to), and makes for a great foundation for other sea accessories and wall art.

With the sand-colored walls, you are free to mix up colors with your furniture, drapes, bedspread, and wall art.

You could use white washed furniture, blue distressed furniture, or and natural wood finish will look good with the sand-colored walls

If you are going for the sea-colored blues I would recommend white furniture or whitewash. You don’t want to create a dark space.

The bedspread for a beach scene bedroom really could be whatever you want.

There are plenty of beach prints available at any home store. Any solid color that you might find at the beach will work.

Wall Art

You will need to create a focal point for the room. With a bedroom, this is almost always the wall behind the bed.

There are limitless options for seascape wall decor, from paintings to wall hangings, from plastic shark heads to a stuffed marlin. What I would recommend are photographs.

Photographs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors

Photographs also tell the story and set the theme quickly and cleanly. A large 3-panel photo display of a Beach Scene over the bed looks awesome, creates a focal point, and sets the theme in stone.

This also works well for a boy or girl. Who doesn’t like a beautiful picture of a tropical beach? With that in place, you are free to accessories with more beach themed photos and objects.

You can use family pictures of your last beach trip, fun shots could be hung all around the room and displayed on the desk and dresser

You can use starfish and seashells glued to the wall in strategic places. Also, vinyl beach decor is available at most craft, and home stores.

These go on and come off easily and look great. Pretty much anything from the beach will work. A collection of flip-flops, a fishing net, an old fishing rod, or two mounted on the wall.

The options are limitless

With a good foundation and focal point taken care of, you can complete them with just about anything you may have collected from your family beach trips.

This will bring great memories back to you and your children as well as create a positive space that your child will want to go to.